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Choosing an Allergist is nothing to sneeze at.

Evelyn Tolston, M.D. - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Many who do not suffer from the dry eyes, runny nose and sneezing cannot understand the pain nasal allergy symptoms cause. Those with mild to severe food allergies can be in a difficult situation when others think they are simply "picky" about their meals. The least understood would be those who have chemical allergies such as to certain materials or medicines. Allergy specialists understand the symptoms and the disease.

Allergy and asthma specialists study allergies as an immune system response. This responsiveness to something in the environment causes your immune system to become overtaxed by things others systems would ignore. Different body systems react differently to the allergen and these can be mild to life threatening. Allergy specialist help identify your trigger to help you avoid a serious reaction.

To understand your allergies arrange a consultation with allergist nyc. Dr. Evelyn Tolston is an allergy and asthma specialist with many years experience. She is an authority on immune system responses and has been a guest lecturer with many medical institutions including New York University Hospital. Dr. Tolston is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and has been featured in the New York Times for her work with allergy patients.

The first step in your new awareness of your allergies and asthma is an interview. Dr. Tolston will gather information about you, your symptoms, diet, lifestyle and other medical history details. As one of the preeminent allergist NYC Dr. Tolston has insight and experience to guide her in diagnosing your body's response and how to treat this successfully.

When appropriate, testing for general immune disease or disorders like asthma can be done on site as well. As a board certified allergist nyc Dr. Tolston is able to give a large variety of tests to determine what causes your allergic response and which symptoms you should be aware of. Hives, airway constriction and gastrointestinal problems are some common reactions to allergens but others will also be discussed.

Anything can stimulate the immune system so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused your reaction. Environmental factors like pollen, food allergies or chemical ones as in aspirin may need evaluation. Being evaluated by gifted allergy and asthma specialist like Dr. Tolston means you can be confident your health is in good hands.