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Allergy and asthma specialist in NYC

Evelyn Tolston, M.D. - Monday, January 06, 2014
Are you suffering from persisting allergy problems? It can be often difficult to live day-to-day with severe allergy and asthma problems. With the help of an allergy and asthma specialist, you will be able to enjoy a good quality of life without the problems associated with allergy or asthma. The right allergist can make all the difference between misery from allergy symptoms and feeling better. Dr. Evelyn Tolston is an allergist in nyc that can help.
An allergist is a licensed doctor who dedicates his or her practice in the diagnosis and treatment of asthma and other allergic diseases. Allergist and asthma specialist, such as Doctor Evelyn Tolston, has the extensive training in identifying factors that causes the onset of allergies and asthma symptoms. Furthermore, allergists can provide indispensable advice on treating allergy problems.

Allergists can offer a wide range of solutions for your allergies and asthma problems. With their specialized training, allergists can provide you with a treatment plan for your individual condition. Their objective is to enable you to lead a normal life without the onset of allergies and asthma symptoms.

Upon visiting an allergist, you will undergo allergy testing in order to discern which allergens are involved. The office of Dr. Eveyln Tolson on Madison Avenue provides full comprehensive allergy testing that may include food, drug and skin testing. Furthermore, Dr. Tolston offers full comprehensive asthma evaluation. After, the allergist will provide you with prevention education so that you can avoid the factors that trigger the condition the first place. 

In severe cases of allergy where it is not possible to complete avoid allergens, Dr. Tolston can provide immunotherapy, otherwise known as allergy shots, as a treatment option. In this option, patients are given allergen injections once or twice weekly. As times goes on, the injections will contain a higher strength of allergens, and your allergy problems will become less over time. Immunotherapy has a proven track record for the most severe allergy problems with a very high success rate.

If you are considering a visit to an allergy and asthma specialist in nyc , you can be assured that such specialist have the perquisite medical training and expertise to handle your problems. All allergists practicing in the United States have completed medical school, at least three years of residency in internal medicine, and at least two years of specialized training in allergy and asthma. In order to be board certified, they must pass an examination by the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology and regularly attend medical education programs. 

In addition to these requirements, Dr. Tolston is renowned and recognized for her services to the medical community. She is an active member and fellow in the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in 1996. Also, Dr. Tolson is listed in in Castle and Connolly's The Best Doctors in New York-Metro Area, New York Top Doctors, and New York Times' Super Doctors. As such, if you are looking for an allergist in nyc, Dr. Evelyn Tolston’s office on Madison Avenue should be your number one choice.

Finding An Allergist In NYC

Evelyn Tolston, M.D. - Wednesday, December 11, 2013
Many residents throughout New York City are looking for an allergist that they can trust to give them relief. Allergies may be caused by a wide variety of different causes and they can even appear later on in people's lives. This is why many people will want to get linked up with an allergy specialist who can provide a diagnosis for any issue that they are facing. Allergy and Immunology on Madison will be ready to offer local residents with all the support that they need. The staff here are well trained and will offer friendly service to the patients that stop in at this clinic.

First, some patients may be glad to know that the clinic is serviced by a trained allergy specialist with experience. Dr. Evelyn Tolston has extensive experience when it comes to treating a whole host of allergy related issues. She provides medical expertise New York University Hospital, which has allowed her to hone her ability to treat these issues. She has even been recognized by the New York Times as being one of the most knowledgeable specialists in the area. As is often the case, many people will be able to mitigate the effects of their allergy when they receive help from this kind of expert.

To receive the treatment that they need, patients should try to narrow down the symptoms that they are feeling. This will help the staff pinpoint a diagnosis and give them the help that they may need. Some people may be suffering from asthma and haven't yet had it diagnosed. There are also a whole host of different seasonal allergy issues that may suddenly affect people in the area. There are even more serious issues that may effect people, such as Anaphylaxis. This is why patients should seek out medical treatment that may actually save their life.

There are a few other benefits to working with this allergist NYC residents can trust. Some patients may be able to get medications that can provide a long term solutions to the effects that they may be feeling. This will be particularly important if patients want to get linked up with the support that they need for different allergy symptoms that they are facing. They may have tried other solutions before, but haven't found a permanent cure yet. This is why patients should track down an allergist NYC locals trust with these kinds of medical issues.

It may help to identify some of the key signs that a patient is suffering from an allergy. They may have a persistent headache or runny nose throughout the day. They could also have a fever that tends to spike on occasion as well. If they haven't found an underlying reason for these issues, they may need to talk to anallergist soon. When they work with the Allergy and Immunology on Madison clinic, they can get the answer that they need. Some people may even be impressed by how quickly they can resolve these issues with the right kind of diagnosis and treatment.

Choosing an Allergist is nothing to sneeze at.

Evelyn Tolston, M.D. - Thursday, September 26, 2013

Many who do not suffer from the dry eyes, runny nose and sneezing cannot understand the pain nasal allergy symptoms cause. Those with mild to severe food allergies can be in a difficult situation when others think they are simply "picky" about their meals. The least understood would be those who have chemical allergies such as to certain materials or medicines. Allergy specialists understand the symptoms and the disease.

Allergy and asthma specialists study allergies as an immune system response. This responsiveness to something in the environment causes your immune system to become overtaxed by things others systems would ignore. Different body systems react differently to the allergen and these can be mild to life threatening. Allergy specialist help identify your trigger to help you avoid a serious reaction.

To understand your allergies arrange a consultation with allergist nyc. Dr. Evelyn Tolston is an allergy and asthma specialist with many years experience. She is an authority on immune system responses and has been a guest lecturer with many medical institutions including New York University Hospital. Dr. Tolston is a Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology and has been featured in the New York Times for her work with allergy patients.

The first step in your new awareness of your allergies and asthma is an interview. Dr. Tolston will gather information about you, your symptoms, diet, lifestyle and other medical history details. As one of the preeminent allergist NYC Dr. Tolston has insight and experience to guide her in diagnosing your body's response and how to treat this successfully.

When appropriate, testing for general immune disease or disorders like asthma can be done on site as well. As a board certified allergist nyc Dr. Tolston is able to give a large variety of tests to determine what causes your allergic response and which symptoms you should be aware of. Hives, airway constriction and gastrointestinal problems are some common reactions to allergens but others will also be discussed.

Anything can stimulate the immune system so it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what caused your reaction. Environmental factors like pollen, food allergies or chemical ones as in aspirin may need evaluation. Being evaluated by gifted allergy and asthma specialist like Dr. Tolston means you can be confident your health is in good hands.

Allergist NYC

Evelyn Tolston, M.D. - Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Living in New York City can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Allergens are everywhere, from the dirty, dusty streets, to tight living quarters, perfumes, pollutants, furry friends, more. It is of utmost importance to be able to identify when your body is warning you about allergens, and to know when to see a qualified allergist NYC has to offer to identify these indicators.

Allergy Warning Signs

How do you know if it is time to see an allergist NYC confides in? Have you recently and regularly been experiencing one or more of the following symptoms? Migraine headaches, running nose, shortness of breath, a skin rash, stomach pain, or dry skin? If you are noticing one or more of these issues that persist for more than a few days, you may need to see an allergy specialist for further diagnosis. 

The Importance of Allergy Testing

Not all allergies are treated in the same manner. Various medications may need to be prescribed depending on the end result. Patients could be experiencing more than one allergic reaction or even asthma, and this is something only an allergy specialist paired with official testing can determine. Results will also decide what foods an individual may need to avoid, activities that could trigger an allergy or asthma attack, and other possible causes. At the Allergy, Asthma, Immunology on Madison, Dr. Evelyn Tolston will conduct a series of tests to confirm what is causing your episodes. Tests include, but are not limited to: skin tests, pulmonary function testing, nasal function studies test, milk intolerance testing, and more.

Allergies Versus Asthma

An allergist New York knows best, is one that can quickly identify the difference between allergic reactions, and asthma symptoms or attacks. Treatments vary greatly and allergies may be temporary, whereas chronic asthma could prove to be a lifetime struggle. In either situation, an allergist New York trusts, will be able to determine if your main symptoms such as trouble breathing, wheezing, shortness of breath, and a tight chest should be diagnosed as asthma. Dr. Evelyn Tolston will conduct a full comprehensive asthma evaluation and treatment to make sure all results are accurate, and treatment can quickly follow.

Stop ignoring troublesome recurring symptoms, and seek expert attention today. Call Allergy, Asthma, Immunology on Madison to set up testing today. You can beat the numerous allergens found in New York City.