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"Friendly staff. Very professional doctor. She takes her time to explain everything and walks through the whole process. Highly recommend!!!"

-Farangez Hikmatova

"I go here for my seasonal allergy treatments. The staff is friendly and they've made the whole process much more enjoyable!"

-Matt Ford

"Dr. Tolston & staff are wonderful people. Would recommend this practice to others."

-Alex Kaller

"Was referred to Dr. Tolston by my ENT.  My whole life I've had sinus problems and in 2013 it reached a point where I couldn't sleep, exercise or even function properly due to breathing problems.  After exhausting pretty much every other form of treatment (and being on meds seemingly forever) I saw her and was tested for allergies and Asthma.  Turned out I had a few allergies, some of which were related to my diet which I had changed in 2012 to eat healthier. I went on the allergy treatment which is a series of shots over a period of time, I am no longer on any meds and sleep better than I can ever remember.  I've given up things like yogurt but still continue to drink beer which I am lectured on frequently (mostly by Natalie and Claudia with her size 6's). Overall, I've found the Dr. to be very knowledgeable and I've never had an issue waiting for an excessive amount of time, keeping in mind I was going 2-3 times a week for shots at one point. Most of the times I'm there I deal with the staff so it's important to note that Natalie, Claudia, Natasha and Angela are always nice and helpful.  I can be difficult at times, giving them a hard time, but they always maintain a good sense of humor about things. This is one Dr visit I don't dread since it's like visiting friends."

-Scott R. 

"Great Dr. Brilliant  and smart. Knows what she's doing and takes time to explain everything in details."


"Working with Dr. Tolston is a pleasure. She is highly intelligent and the rest of the staff do a wonderful job supporting her practice. The office is equipped to provide many empirical tests for diagnosis. She helped me get rid of a rash I had battled for years. Though I was skeptical at the number of return visits required, each seemed necessary and useful. Dr Tolston is caring, smart and thorough--an excellent Doctor!"

-Eathan J.

"Dr. Tolston is the smartest, most skilled and caring physician I ever had. A great diagnostician who truly saved my life; she discovered the root of my rather severe reactions to the environment, foods, etc. when other doctors were only guesstimating and trying to medicate my symptoms away (with drugs that I was allergic to!!!!!. Also because my immune system was tricky at the time, if she was away while I was undergoing immunotherapy she would call the office at the time of my appointment with the P.A. to see how I was, even when vacationing in another country and time zone. What other doctor does that?!? She is also not above giving patients a little lecture now and again, in a loving and motherly way. Her lessons as well as her treatments have stuck with me; I almost never have an asthma attack anymore, my allergies are a fraction of what they used to be, and because I'm well aware of cause-and-effect, I made a lot of behavioral changes that continue to serve me well. Dr. Tolston is not only an expert in her field, she's a humanitarian whose heart is in her work; a rare combination these days. Highly, highly recommended."

-Chava Libbe S.

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